Smart Switchable Glasses

 Smart switchable glasses alternate between the clear look they offer, with a soft white color that does not allow the eye to see through it, at the touch of a button. This is achieved by connecting it to the electric current and providing a certain voltage. Smart switchable glasses have all the features of safety glasses, as they are basically multilayered glasses with an inner membrane, improving the uniqueness of the space and upgrading the living standard.

Due to the features of the internal liquid crystal film, Smart switchable glasses can also be used as a display screen, replacing the standard display screen with a high definition screen. Unlike ordinary display screens, Smart switchable glasses give the same clear picture on both sides, allowing the headlamp to be placed to the opposite side of the viewers.

Smart switchable glasses can reflect more than 90% of infrared rays and over 99% of ultraviolet rays thus reducing indoor temperature and protecting against harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is responsible for the wear of furniture and various materials, as well as skin diseases.


Product structure

The Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal in the middle of the two glass sheets is bonded by means of high temperature and high pressure by the method of welding multilayered glasses, creating a new photoelectric glass.

Smart switchable glasses have the functionality of a common glass and an electronic curtain. In the absence of electricity, the glass works like an electronic curtain, which, by providing electric field, makes the glass clear and offers an unobstructed view.

In the absence of electric field (POWER OFF) the crystals are unevenly placed in the space, giving a white color to the glass. Only with the supply of electric power (POWER ON) the crystals are aligned giving the transparency to the glass.


Some of the benefits of Smart Switchable Glasses are:

  • On choice unobstructed view or privacy.
  • Ability to project image on Liquid Crystal Film with simple projectors.
  • Decrease of indoor temperature due to the shading they create.
  • Better energy efficiency of the glass.
  • Higher sound insulation up to 38db
  • Greater safety than plain laminated glass.