Glass Shelters, Stairways and Corridors

Glass is probably one of the last materials one would think of to use for shelters, stairs or floors, believing that it does not have the strength required to walk on it … however it does … and gives a sense of transparency and light by replacing something which was very different and would prevent the light from passing through all the corners of the space, creating an imperative construction.


Glass Shelters

  • Glass shelters combined with the use of unbreakable (tempered) double (laminated) safety glass can offer a wide range of colors, grids and special effects that can give every entrance a unique modern aesthetic…
  • Protection from rain without obstructing the view and light
  • Easy application that allows a cost-effective and modern solution for both commercial and residential building complexes


Glass stairs and corridors

  • The staircase is treated to prevent slipping.
  • Glass is hard, high strength, lightweight in the space, transparent, permanent, easy to handle, at relatively low cost, easy to maintain, giving at the same time inspiration and a different sense and atmosphere.